2015 Field Theory Albarino is hands down my favorite from WINC formally known as CLUB W. This Albarino comes from Lodi, CA which is a 1 hour 30 mins from Sonoma County. Andrus Island Vineyards is where this wine Spanish style wine prevails from. The climates that they have are perfect for these grapes to grow and get the perfect sweetness they need to be at.

Now what I will do is tell you my initial reaction and then I will fill you in on what Winc’s notes are on this wine. I promise too that I did not read anything about this wine until after. My initial tasting notes sweet but subtle, nice and Processed with VSCO with c1 presetsmooth like a breath of fresh air, bite of honey, really nice body. You need to drink this with a fresh fish, lemon soufflé, fruit tarts, and sorbet. Hell I say even throw the sorbet in it and make a wine slushy, specifically lemon maybe even mango. I taste some interesting hints of bell pepper and cleaning products but the all-natural kind. I also taste though lemon, honey, peaches, apricots, and summer. If this wine could speak it would say “DO NOT OPEN TILL SUMMER” I feel like this is what I will drink on summer vacation at a beach house lounging in a pool probably out of a red cup with a straw. Side note have you ever wondered why people waste the money to build a pool when they live right on the ocean? Like get up go in the ocean you already spent a billion dollars on just to live by you lazy bum. Anyways, if this wine was a dance move I feel like it would just plié by like saying you’re welcome.

tasting2xWinc notes on this bottle of wine are white peach, nectarine, grapefruit, lemon
peel, pineapple, and wet stone. Which grapefruit and wet stone I totally see those taste notes, like summer rain on concrete. They also say to pair this with Tuna Poke, Calamari, and Spanish Goat Cheese which again is so spot on. Any fresh fish I swear like you caught it filet it right there and eat kind of fresh. They also say it is fresh, crisp like a Sauvignon Blanc, round, slick, and has body.  They also say heightened aromatics, luscious mouthfeel’s, and long finish. Long finish is right and it is a nice, sweet, inviting finish. They call it “Summer in a Glass” which again from above I obviously concur. They sell it for $18.00 only for member of Winc. This is free to be a member at go check it out by here, if you comment your email below I will send you a promo code too for some discounts.

I will be doing more reviews soon; my next one will be the lovely and seriously impressive DOFFO WINERY.


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