”Tis the season for manners & gifts you don’t want people to return 


I know it’s been a while but I’ve been planning for a “12 days of Winemas” scavenger hunt. It is going to be a little bit different this time and there will be more online interaction as well as in  person. All clues though will only be on this website, they will not be on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook only a reminder post to check the website for the clues. It will start on DECEMBER 13TH and this year there is ONE grand prize. I will have more details for you by next week on exact details on the scavenger hunt in general. I hope you guys are excited as I am and hopefully we can make this one even bigger than the last.

Onwards with today’s subject though. I want to go over Holiday Helpers since they’re coming up quick. Today we are going to cover three important tips; manners, gifting, and shipping.

Tying into the wine etiquette we’ve learned so far; manners are a very important thing to have, especially with wine, you don’t want to accidentally offend the wrong person when tasting wine. No matter how much wine is an opinion it is still very hard to make and it is someone else’s art and pride. Now I have tried wines where I have had all three reactions below:

I have wanted to puke:


I have felt personally attacked:

I have wanted to slap the bottle and tell it to try again:

I have also said things like, “That taste’s absolutely disgusting”, or “This would be great cooking wine”, or just the regular “GROSS”. It got to a point though where even my dad and mom were feeling personally offended and it wasn’t even their wine to feel offended over. So here is a list of sayings to use that I found quite helpful:

  • I’m not fond of it
  • It doesn’t tickle my fancy
  • I’m not a big fan of it
  • This wine isn’t really my cup of tea
  • I’m not crazy about it
  • That’s not for me
  • I’m really not that big into “insert wine here”

All of these sayings will most definitely be better than any of the three GIF reactions above. Tomorrow we will cover how to gift wine to someone, which probably sounds really easy because they either like it or they don’t. It feels so good though when you get it right on the first try. That way you don’t happen to find that bottle re-gifted to you at your work parties secret santa.


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