Thirsty Thursday: Cotillion Classes with Miss Chardonnay II



temperature-1When I drink wine I like my whites chilled and my red’s toasty, don’t you? Ever wondered the proper temperatures for your wine, well I found a cheat sheet for you and all those amazing wine tasting parties you guys throw. Also if you have a young red wine, usually under 8 years old. They are strong  and require 1 to 2 hours to aerate. On the other hand mature red wines, generally those over 8 years old, are mellow and need to breathe for around 30 minutes, if at all. Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 Wine Tool is my favorite aerating cheater and its only 7.oo$, or if you have a wedding, birthday, bat mitzvah, quinceañera or sweet sixteen coming up cop this bad boy Aervana Electric Wine Aerator & Dispenser for 99.95$. Bet your bottom dollar that is going to be on my registry, when and if I ever get married.


Onwards to “The Glass is Right”,

I know that this will be a lot of work in the kitchen after
when your drunk and can barely pick up your own glass. It matters what kind of glasses a31edd3c8930b350a61e9641c652c9e9you use so really just save this for if you ever host a tasting with your gf’s, bf’s, or all of the above.White wines do not need to be aerated the same as red wines so you don’t need the large bowl shape glass,red wines need the larger mouth for them to be aerating.  Red wine
glasses usually have a shorter stem because you are suppose to hold your glass by the bowl to keep it warm, white are longer they are served cooler and are suppose to keep cool.


Next week were going to go over the BAS.S.S.S.IC’s of wine; the swirl, the sniff, the see, the sip. Also some fun wine terminology and some cheat sheet knowledge on the different varieties. Untitled-1



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