Thirsty Thursday: Cotillion Classes with Miss Chardonnay

I want to start covering the bases with all you fellow winers. I want you guys to be as educated as possible on this alcoholic beverage we all cherish so much. Every other Thursday I will be doing this lovely and insightful installment, so let’s get it started.

I find what is always an important thing to know about wine is how to read a bottle Now I know you think, “Okay just look for a pinot or a chardonnay?” No there is a lot more to a label, not too much more but enough. Business Insider had some great simple photos on their site to really explain it in the easiest form. On top will always be the producer of your Jesus juice and where it is made. Next is your variety, which will be where it says chardonnay, pinot noir, rose, and so on. Champagne is different but I will post an example label of that as well. Next is your region and your grapes. This obviously means “Where in the World Did Your Grapes Come From”and what kind of grapes made your wine. It is always interesting to look at what grapes are actually in your wine. To me that is one thing I pay attention to so when I can’t find the wine I like somewhere I can at least try and find something similar by knowing that. Next will be your “Vintage Year”, which is just a fancy way of saying it is made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in that single specified year. Last but not least the ALCOHOL CONTENT, which is something that you will want to look at on a bad day and make sure its the highest it can be.  Next time when you’re out buying wine, you will really know what to look for. I’m just going to say you’re welcome now. Next week I am going to teach you how to taste, go out right now to your local alcoholic beverage store buy some wine with this knowledge and taste with me next week! I seriously hate explanation points they are so cheesey, I’m sorry.Anyway yeah just do as I say, go, go now, right now, like get up and go. k bye


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