Thirsty Thursday, The Club W Way

From listening to Straight Up With Stassi, which I HIGHLY recommend to everyone, I found Club W. I’ve started a wine affair Unknownwith them it’s had its up and downs like every reasonable relationship starts out, but I’m here today to give you the low down.

First you start with a fun questionnaire so they can personalize your box for you. You can change it or see if they can figure out your highly complex palate. They also work with the winemaker so that is why you get it for a better price, they also work with sustainable wine makers which you can read more about on their site. I placed my first order early March, literally the first week of March. I used my code I found and spent only 34.08 on my first shipment which is really good for three bottles, and shipping. I received it 3-4 days after and the delivery man even comes at a reasonable time! The packing is also very nice and comes with fun little description cards for each bottle that gives you food choices to pair the wines with. I invited my friends over for a wine night so we could all try it out and I could get a different feedback from everyone. I made some fancy pizza’s and we sat down and got to drankin’. I did take a recording of us tasting all of them but it did get a bit sloppy and very hard to understand, we were drinking the bottles as our version of tasting. Lesson learned.

We started with the 2014 Dinky-Di Shiraz Blend from South Australia. The blend is of a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon, side note a Shiraz is a Syrah just so you now if yourshelf@2x less familiar with the term Shiraz. Shiraz is also very popular in Australia and has become kind of like their thing. Right away when it was poured into the glass you smell the minty-menthol note which is the trademark for Australian wines. The tastes were all over the board though, here is the list of what we tasted; cranberry, cinnamon, woody, chocolate mint. What they say you should taste is: blueberry, rhubarb, and cherry and that it has a full bodied texture. We also all didn’t really sense the full bodied texture but I will say we didn’t hate it Australia, we salute you.

Now usually your supposed to start with whites but we were being daredevils per usual. Which obviously means the next one is a 2013 Alchymist Blanc White Blend from shelf@2x-2California. They call this one the ultimate girly girl wine, so naturally the boys were worried the female pheromones would rub off on them. The first initial smell is fruity, I imagined like a little personal fruit pie and I kind of wanted to grab some tanning oil and my sunglasses stick a straw in the bottle and go tan, it smells like a holiday in a bottle. What they say you should taste is: lemon custard and pineapple. What we all tasted was: peach it is very white peachy like I could make a cocktail with this. Also it is very easy to drink, very crisp and refreshing. Overall if you couldn’t tell already it was horrible, no just kidding it was very good, super fetch, we salute you.

We ended with the 2014 Passarola Vinho Branco, not to be mistaken for Paso Roble because this is from Portugal. This will be short cause this wasshelf@2x-1 the crowd least favorite. They say Portugal is in a class of its own and that really stuck because truly the taste is very different than your average wine. Vinho Branco is made from Arinto and Fernão Pires grapes, they cause like a light, dry and very citrusy taste. What we tasted was very watered down, very dry, and it kind of had a bitter lime taste to it. Now I will not shoot down all Portugal wine by the taste of this one, but it’s not putting me in a good starting spot to venture into it. Portugal, we semi salute you.

Next Thursday I will review m next order and also I will have some big news for you guys next week! Please stalk my blog and leave me your questions, anything you feel like whining about, and compliments. If any of you are interested in CLUB W please either click the link, or send me your email and I can send you a promo code. I only have three of these promo codes left, this promo will give you three bottles of wine for free and all you have to do is pay the tax and shipping. Or you can go to and get 13$ off your first shipment and 13$ of your second shipment. Please click away and get on these deals.




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