i know its friday but tipsy tuesday; road trippin’ with wine

As most of you don’t know I live in the middle of nowhere, like absolutely middle of fricken nowhere. So my Internet has been acting up the last couple of days and I haven’t been able to get around to writing the new post. HUGHES NET YOU SUCK! I’m just going to tumblr_o4kjkqYpCj1u1g1dbo1_1280 I’m going to cover a special ROAD TRIPPIN’ AND SIPPIN’ section with you right now. I need to put a disclaimer right now and say I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER TELL YOU OR SUPPORT DRINKING AND DRIVING! All of these sip tips are for the passengers of the vehicle not the driver, never ever the driver. Which I think it might still be kind of illegal to drink as a passenger, so you know just be responsible?

For my first trick I will teach you the ways of opening a wine bottle without an opener. I have had occasions where I’m stuck in a car for a thousand years and just need to start my vacation early. All you need is a tube of Chap stick and your wine bottle. Also keep in note not all screw cap wines are bad and would make opening the wine A LOT easier when you don’t have a bottle opener. It is just as easy though as twisting off a screw cap!  All you have to do is take the Chap stick use either end and push down on the cork and make sure you aim away from you and your friends because it might splash.

Just so your aware though what that is going to do if you don’t already realize it is going to push the cap into it. So your choices are to chug or to pour it into another cup. What I usually do is (SORRY MOM), I go to the gas station and I buy a cup from over by the soda machine (25oz- or 44oz so it can fit the whole bottle). I guess a lot of people don’t do that 41ajvQQxGAL._SX425_because they are always in shock, so be nice and please buy the cup. Then once you get in the car pour the wine out into so the cork doesn’t break down in it, put a cap on that lay back and sip the wine up with your luxurious gas station straw. Or even feel more luxurious with a Vino2go from amazon, my girlfriend got me one of these and I swear by it! I’ll put the link below the picture so you can buy one, cause if you are reading this blog then you need it. Trust.

Now while you’re at the gas station obviously your buying snacks because let’s get real it’s just what happens, so pick up a couple of these snacks and have a little wine pairing on your trip. If you have any red’s pick up a bag of beef jerky, teriyaki preferably that is my favorite. Head over the candy and grab some Butterfingers and pair that with a good Chardonnay, which is something my momma would like. Next is for the more ostentatious road trippin’ and sippin’ lady or man go to your local In-n-out or McDonald s grab some French fries and pair that with you finest bottle of Champagne. My favorite is the Cool Ranch Doritos and a glass of Rose. Shout out THE NEST for these fun little pairing ideas!


To finish this long overdue post off, I want to revisit the comment I made about screw cap wines. If you have figured it out other than a nice glass of Champs, Rose is my favorite these ones above are my favorites! Rose to me is a vacation in a bottle, and all these above are as refreshing as a holiday in the Hampton’s where “The Women Who Love Rose” fan club resides. I will put links below for where you can buy all of these and the names of them. Comment back and tell me your reviews on these! From left to right: 2014 Bieler Pere Et Fils Rosé, 2013 Domaine de Triennes Rosé, 2014 Château de Campuget Costières-de-Nîmes Rosé Tradition, Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Roses. Also next week I will finally have my internet fixed and will be posting a review on this bad boy, THE CHAMBONG so this will get interesting! I will also cover my last two CLUB W deliveries!



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