running through the vines with some wine pt.1

Let me first introduce you to the city I have grown up in, Temecula, California. The city where bro’s and bro hoes still exist, cougars are constantly on the prowl, and old town is always a high school reunion that ends with some sort of brawl at the Pub & Grub. The two best things to come this town was ANGL and Wine Country. Now I will say only one of these things haven’t disappointed me and that was ANGL. I decided though with this blog I’m giving wine country a do over. So I googled what the best wineries are to start off at (btw I Google, Yelp, and Pinterest a lot) and the top ones that tickled my fancy was Falkner and Callaway, so this is where my journey started.


We started at Falkner Winery as you can see, as you can see it is in the middle of wine country. I marked it with a common symbol all of us wino’s understand, a wine glass for the slow ones if you haven’t caught on. You drive up a rather large driveway to a quaint cabin styled estate, which is a big difference from the other wineries I’ve seen they usually are very rustic Italian style places so it was nice to see something different. We parked the car and headed over, where we were greeted by a very home, cozy feeling. There were dogs, which made me very happy cause I love finding new places I can bring my puppy. There were also a lot of families, now I have no problem with families but it makes me a little nervous to be around small children, I turn into a little bit of sailor when I drink, i’m working on it. They do have a huge patio & yard space though so there is plenty of places for the littles to play, would also be an amazing space for weddings or events. You walk inside and it’s a little small in a comfy quaintProcessed with VSCOcam with c7 preset way, and it’s filled with chachski’s I’m such a sucker for a good coaster or a punny magnet. We got a good spot at the end of the counter and was immediately helped. The “we” I’m speaking of is Me (of course), the turtle (that is my boyfriend, this nickname will be used a lot it is a loving nickname but also it is just the flat out truth) my best friend amanda pls, and good friend carl. We then started our journey down the wine hole. We opted for the 4 wines for 10.00 over the 6 for 15.00 which comes with a 5$ credit to any wine you purchase that day and a souvenir wine glass. My first glass was the 2014 Irresistible Rosato Rosé Table Wine, they said the notes are strawberry and cranberry. I will say it was really good but I didn’t match on the notes, the notes I picked up were more of a raspberry tart or a fruit tart, you know like those fancy things you see Marie Antoinette eating when she’s telling the country “let them eat cake”. The color was absolutely stunning though it reminded me of a pink sapphire, it was a good choice to start off. Next on the list was the 2014 Chardonnay, their description is a ripe apple and apricots also that it has a medium body with a creamy texture. Now I’m going to give you a fair warning, wine is all about YOUR opinion, these places will always give you a description just so there are things you can try and search for and catch but it isn’t  always what you are going to taste. Now this doesn’t make it a  bad wine because it doesn’t match what they say, everybody’s taste buds are different. So on that note I disagree with a lot about their description, I didn’t really think it was a medium bodied or creamy I found it slightly heavy and a little rough. With the taste I tasted bananas, and not like a real banana like those little banana candy’s you get from a 25 cent machine. In my opinion this Chardonnay was not bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I then moved on to the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, I’m a red girl so I wanted to do something out of the regular, so I stuck with whites. The description of this one was passion fruit, lime, honeydew and flint and is clean & crisp. I had no real undertones of that honestly it was very bland, and mute. We ended with the 2013 Luscious Lips Red Table Wine, now Amanda really likes sweeter wines so she asked the nice man behind the counter what she should get and this was his recommendation. It is a mulled wine which means its a red wine along with cinnamon sticks, oranges, cloves, anise, apple cider, and honey. It is served hot or warm and is typically a christmas drink. Now I’m not sure what was in this one but me and Amanda were wondering this whole time what was cooking in the crockpot behind the pourers and low and behold that was it. So IMG_2579.jpgyou know how when you walk into Yankee Candle in the fall, and there is like the “Fall” scent, or the “Pumpkin” scent, or the “Apple Cider” or you know whatever and you just take a huge wiff of that section. That is what this wine smelt like, like all the above tied into one big wine glass. It tasted like what you wish one of those candles tasted like too. I mean I may be the only one who imagines what candles taste like but whateva, that’s me. We grabbed our glasses and went on the patio to enjoy the scenery. Which we discovered the wine tasting bar extended outside, we then planned our next door of the winehouse to go threw.

xoxo your favorite wino

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